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Ukrainian Community of Dialogue Practitioners co-organised the conference "Inclusive Recovery and Reconstruction" in Kyiv, 10-11 of April, 2024

Ukrainian Community of Dialogue Practitioners co-organised the conference "Inclusive Recovery and Reconstruction", which aimed to create concrete ideas, recommendations and next steps for inclusive recovery and reconstruction in Ukraine. The conference was held in Kyiv on 10-11 April 2024. The topics discussed at the conference included inclusive governance and digitalisation, judicial systems in times of war, gender sensitivity, veterans' integration, social cohesion as a basis for inclusive recovery, human-centered transitional justice and multi-level stakeholder coordination.

This is the first of two events of the Inclusive Recovery and Rebuilding project, organised with the support of the Swedish governmental organisation Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA).

On 10-11 April, members of the Community presented their vision of some of the components of the inclusive recovery process at the conference "Inclusive Recovery and Reconstruction" in Kyiv. In general, when talking about inclusivity, it is worth adhering to the principle of "inclusive enough" - according to this approach, it is necessary to ensure that inclusivity is sufficient to make viable and sustainable decisions. The topics/components that the Community focused on in the conference theme were Social Cohesion and Human-Centred Transitional Justice. It was presented by Natalia Bezkhlibna, Head of the Community Secretariat, and members of the Community: Maksym Ieligulashvili, Alyona Horova and Tetiana Kalenychenko

The initiators and organizers of the Conference are: Ukrainian Community of Dialogue Practitioners, the East Europe Foundation (EEF), the Rule of Law Network: the sociological agency "FAMA," the Center for Security Studies "CENSS," the All-Ukrainian Association of Women Judges, and the Civil Center for Legal Initiatives.

The conference participants were experts from different parts of Ukraine working in the field of civil society at the local and national levels who will present their research and developments and discuss with other experts, including representatives of state and international organisations. The materials and recommendations of the conference will be developed for the work of international government officials and civil society actors working on social cohesion, security sector governance and reform, reintegration of veterans and IDPs, dialogue, gender equality and the rule of law. 


Have any questions? Let us know

Have any questions? Let us know

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