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Ukrainian Community of Dialogue Practitioners was one of the initiators of the conference "Inclusive recovery and reconstruction" in Berlin, 10 June 202

Ukrainian Community of Dialogue Practitioners was one of the initiators of the conference Inclusive recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine, which took place on 10 June 2024 in Berlin as a side event of the annual Ukrainian Recovery Conference. 

The Inclusive Recovery and Reconstruction project (a series of events - conferences in Kyiv in April and Berlin in June 2024) was supported by the Swedish government organisation FBA (Folke Bernadotte Academy). Throughout the IRRC project, the initiators identified four broad areas in which they could make a significant contribution: rule of law, inclusive and digital governance, dialogue and social cohesion, and implementation frameworks and recovery mechanisms.

Natalia Bezkhlibna, Head of the Secretariat of UCoDP, presented the team's work on inclusive recovery. The focus was on social cohesion and dialogue and recommendations in this area. These include the involvement of civil society in all stages of the programme cycle of recovery projects and the inclusion of Ukrainian theories of change; social cohesion as an integral part of efforts to support Ukraine, which requires flexible, indefinite core-funding for local actors. It also emphasised people- and community-centred decision-making processes and the development of an inclusive restorative justice approach to ensure justice for all victims of Russia's war against Ukraine. 

The event was attended by representatives of Ukrainian civil society organisations, Ukrainian and international organisations, foreign governmental organisations, and experts working on inclusive recovery. Among them were representatives of the Bundestag, British Embassy Kyiv, UN WomenStockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies (SCEEUS)Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, GIZ ZFD Ukraine, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Eurasia Foundation, IISS-Europe, Berghof Foundation, Institute of Innovative Governance, Salzburg Global Seminar, Ukrainian World Congress and others. 

The experts, which took part: Mark Muller Stuart (United Nations Adviser, Professor in Practice at the London School of Economics), Sergio Jaramillo (National Security Advisor to the President of Colombia), Lesnic Cristina (vice premier minister for reintegration of Moldova), Emmicki Roos (Senior Women, Peace, and Security Expert, Folke Bernadotte Academy), Eldridge Adolfo (Senior Mediation Adviser, Folke Bernadotte Academy). 

Initiators: East Europe Foundation (EEF), Ukrainian Community of Dialogue Practitioners and the Rule of Law network of organisations: Fama - Custom Research Agency, Center for Security Studies CENSS, Всеукраїнська Асоціація Жінок - Суддів and the Centre for Legal Civic Initiatives.


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Have any questions? Let us know

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