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Ukrainian Community of Mediators and Dialogue Facilitators has received the Socrates Prize

We are pleased to announce that the Ukrainian Community of Mediators and Dialogue Facilitators has received the Socrates Prize. 

The award was given for a significant contribution to familiarizing the international community with the Ukrainian view on dialogue and mediation prospects, and, in particular, for the statement "Seven points on war and dialogue", widely distributed in many countries of the world.

The Socrates Prize in Mediation and Conflict Management from Otto-Schmidt-Verlag was awarded on June 14, 2023 in online format (zoom). The Community of Mediators and Dialogue Facilitators of Ukraine was represented by Natalia Bezkhlibna. 

Professor of Viadrina University Lars Kirchhoff noted: "The community makes it obvious that Ukrainian civil society has significant resources of its own and unique methodological competence. International organizations and donors should realize that instead of duplicating the structures that have grown up in Ukraine and thus slowing down their development, they should rely as much as possible on local experience. This community has what it takes to change some of the international peacebuilding practices and serve as a shining example of true 'responsibility' in project work in crisis zones."

The Socrates Prize is awarded every 2 years to individuals and organizations that have achieved outstanding results in mediation and conflict management. The reason for the award can be a successful major mediation project, an important publication, or a mediator's lifetime.

Previous laureates include Gary Friedman (2000), Herbert Kelman (2009), Friedrich Glasl (2014) and William Urey (2018/19). Detailed information about the award, former laureates and organizers of the award can be found by link -

Official news about the award:

We are grateful to our partners Robert Bosch Stiftung for their support!


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